Sebastian Krolak is an award-winning Polish filmmaker and cinematographer based in London. His film 'Phantom' received the EMiGRA Award at the Emigration Film Festival EMiGRA in 2019.

Sebastian is well-known for his extraordinary ability to create powerful visual experiences and his support for directors. He has worked extensively on narratives and commercials in various countries, including England, Italy, Kenya, Singapore and Poland. Through his work, Sebastian aspires to raise awareness and engage a global audience with thought-provoking and powerful storytelling. Notably, Sebastian has been actively collaborating with the Youth Film Platform Africa since March 2020, where he conducts cinematography workshops for film students in Kenya.

Sebastian's expertise and versatility in the lighting and camera departments have led to his involvement in four feature films. His most recent endeavor as a DOP trainee on a high-end production of a Netflix TV drama showcases his dedication to continuous learning and professional growth.

Nowadays, Sebastian is focusing on the development of his own debut feature film. His aim is to unite filmmakers worldwide, highlighting important yet lesser-known topics and promoting cultural diversity.

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